Find Your Balance

Lokia is a company that creates impact. They came to HDF.LA initially in need of storytelling around their Brand purpose of maintaining balance through life’s highs and lows. We also developed a video showing the materials embodied within the Lokai bracelets; water from Mount Everest, the highest point on earth and mud from the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth as literal grounding points.

To round out the Lokai Core Collection campaign, we created a series of portraits and personal stories of a carefully curated cast exploring how they maintain balance, for sharing across digital and social.

Lokai Core Collection Lokai Core Collection Lokai Core Collection Lokai Core Collection Lokai Core Collection Lokai Core Collection Lokai Core Collection

For the launch of Lokai’s Game Day Collection, a partnership with the NFL, MLB, MLS, and the NHL and numerous Colleges, we developed a campaign in celebration of athletes through the highs and lows in the game and in life. We challenged our cast of premier athletes to find their balance in the midst of hard work, passion and dedication. Staying balanced is an ongoing challenge knowing that just around the corner lies the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. We incorporated extreme close-ups of the product in action, highlighting how wearing Game Day Lokai bracelets is a constant reminder to stay humble and hopeful through the ups and downs. The creative also explored the many physical and tactile nuances of the game across football, soccer, and baseball stadiums and fields, on basketball courts as well as the on the Hockey Rink… shot all in one action packed day!                     

Core Collection Photography: Katie McCurdy | Cinematography: Kauai Styling: Anna Schilling | Game Day Cinematorgraphy: Eric Foster

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