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Global PR Campaign

Spring 2017

Rosie & Rachel in Malibu
UGG enlisted HDF.LA to capture the zeitgeist of spring in Malibu with their Global Brand Ambassador Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and her neighbor, celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe, for a Global PR campaign.

  • To create brand awareness and desire for UGG (product) as an all year/all season brand
  • To create a compelling campaign consisting of multiple stills and video starring model, influencer, and UGG’s Global Brand Ambassador in a mere 4 hours
  • To incorporate styling advice from celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s in an authentic and inspiring way
  • To curate and manage a tightly knit creative team that can execute and produce amazing work in a small amount of time across pre and post production
  • To meet celebrity influencers (both Rosie and Rachel) needs and desires, as well as client needs and expectations with the utmost diplomacy and ease, while building out a tightly knit creative team for pre/post-production, and execution
  • We developed and produced a campaign that captured the free spirited zeitgeist of Rosie’s lifestyle in Malibu showcasing her intimate rapport with friend and celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe. They shared styling tips and advice along with their coveted UGG products. Shooting in renown interior designer Kelly Wearstler’s Malibu home, not far from Rosie’s and Rachel’s own, we included Rosie’s two dogs, Dolly and Peggy, to create a more intimate and relaxing environment for Rosie and Rachel to work, laugh, and connect in, aligning with UGG’s brand DNA.
  • Overall engagement and social success on multiple platforms
  • Increase in sales and global brand awareness for UGG as an all year, all weather brand
  • The campaign yielded 2 videos, one bts on camera interview and a brand video, a series of iconic campaign images for digital, a seasonal lookbook, social posts and PR content, along with immeasurable amounts of goodwill and mutual admiration
Instagram Highlights
S17, UGG x Rosie S17, UGG x Rosie
Campaign Images
S17, UGG x Rosie S17, UGG x Rosie S17, UGG x Rosie S17, UGG x Rosie S17, UGG x Rosie S17, UGG x Rosie S17, UGG x Rosie S17, UGG x Rosie S17, UGG x Rosie S17, UGG x Rosie

Photographer: Jan Welters, Hair: Christian Wood, MUA: Kate Lee

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