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This Is UGG – Winter Campaign

Featuring Chrissy Teigen & Jack Guinness

Following on the success of Fall, and keeping with the theme of UGG "Moments", This Is UGG Winter was designed as a geo-targeted weather-focused integrated campaign featuring two influencers with global appeal: Jack Guinness, and Chrissy Teigen.

For this Campaign HDF developed stories focusing on emotional and visceral connections alongside UGG cold weather products, travel, authentic connections, music, adventure, and of course food - all set in the small towns, glacial landscapes and majestic rugged coastline of Iceland.

The campaign was successful beyond forecast and expectations, with key styles selling out before the close of the short Winter season. Some additional facts and figures from this Campaign.
The Magic of Iceland
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Client: UGG Australia

Date: January & February, 2015

Photographer: Cathrine Wessel

US Publishers: Amazon, Condé Nast, Millennial Media, Oprah Magazine (print), Pandora, People, US Weekly, The Weather Channel, Yahoo, YouTube
Geo-Targeted Weather Types: Rainy & Overcast, Sunny & Dry, Bone Chilling Cold, Blizzard & Snow
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