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Geo-Targeted Global Influencer Campaign
Following the success of our rebranding initiative and continuing with the theme of UGG "Moments" in Fall and Spring, for Winter we conceived of, designed, and produced a geo-targeted weather-focused campaign featuring two influencers with global appeal: Chrissy Teigen and Jack Guinness.

  • To identify and engage global influencers for an increasingly international customer base, and develop global narratives that resonate regionally as well
  • To manage and negotiate the engagement of high level models/influencers for use across a global campaign that includes social content and publishing
  • To create demand for several of UGG existing classic winter products
  • To create a seasonal narrative to align with the global brand campaign, while shifting from 15 individual stories to episodic stories for 2 brand ambassadors
  • To scout, plan, and manage an international shoot remotely with an international cast and crew
  • After researching and circling around many potential cultural influencers and assessing their global appeal, Chrissy Teigen and Jack Guinness were selected by UGG. We created a series of vignettes for Chrissy that focused on her love of adventure, travel, and ultimately food. The world didn’t yet know it, but Chrissy was a major foodie with a top-selling cookbook about to launch.

  • For Jack Guinness, the stylish English man about town, who was equally known for his DJing, modeling, his charming personality, and who had been labeled one of, ‘London’s most influential people’, we developed a series of stories that featured Jack exploring Iceland through it’s music, culture, as well as his desire to pause and reflect on the present moment.

  • HDF developed weather stories across traditional, digital, social, and PR, that focused on emotional and visceral connections, travel, music, adventure, and of course food, all set in the small towns and glacial landscapes along Iceland’s magical rugged coastline. These locations and weather conditions satisfied the major campaign initiative to serve up targeted content across a massive paid digital campaign that was geo-targeted based on four weather conditions; Rainy & Overcast, Sunny & Dry, Bone Chilling Cold, Blizzard and Snow.
  • The campaign’s success exceeded expectations in engagement and sell through
  • Featured UGG product sold out before the short Winter season ended
  • Engagement was massive with 148,980 youtube views, 3,251 Instagram comments, and 312,981 Instagram Likes
The campaign was featured across the following publishers: Amazon, Condé Nast, Millennial Media, Oprah Magazine (print), Pandora, People, US Weekly, The Weather Channel, Yahoo, YouTube

The Magic of Iceland
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Video Vignettes
Campaign Details

Client: UGG Australia

Date: January & February, 2015

Photographer: Cathrine Wessel

US Publishers: Amazon, Condé Nast, Millennial Media, Oprah Magazine (print), Pandora, People, US Weekly, The Weather Channel, Yahoo, YouTube
Geo-Targeted Weather Types: Rainy & Overcast, Sunny & Dry, Bone Chilling Cold, Blizzard & Snow
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Introducing Angela Lindvall & Gala Gordon
For UGG’s Fall 2015 campaign, which was inspired by nature, we cast two Classics; Angela Lindvall, a True Classic, and British It Girl, Gala Gordon, as a New (Millennial) Classic.
 Angela’s story takes place as she replenishes in the beauty and grandeur of Yosemite. An avid environmentalist, a mother, a free spirit, and inspired by nature, she’s making it her life’s goal to inspire others. Simultaneously, we followed Gala as she traipsed through Central Park, the quintessential urban oasis, preparing for a new role. Inspired by nature, Gala gets lost in it - walking, reading, reflecting, memorizing lines as she transforms herself, a New Classic. We captured landscapes and imagery in both Yosemite and Central Park in order to tell the brand story of luxury and comfort throughout the season.
A system of creative assets was created for combining product and branded imagery with contextual landscapes while embracing This Is UGG’s tag line, Feels Like Nothing Else, across the 360 campaign.                                      
Yosemite National Park, CA
Central Park, NYC
Supporting Product Videos

Photography: Catherine Wessel | Cinematography: Eric Foster | Styling: Kemal Harris

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